Su-Kam Power Solutions for Madhya Pradesh Forest Department

Madhya Pradesh has 19% of India’s tiger population and 10% of the world’s tiger population. The Madhya Pradesh Forest Department (MPFD) works to protect the tigers and the natural resources of the forest. The MPFD is the forest service agency of Madhya Pradesh government which is taking care of the protection and conservation of the forest’s natural resources.

The offices of MPFD are located in deep and remote areas of the forest where there is no grid power distribution available. Therefore, at these sites, PCU’s are the only source of power and thus help these sites stay connected to the head office.

With the installation of Su-Kam’s Solar Power Conditioning Unit, the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department now has clean and green energy available for their remote offices, chowkies and range offices thus minimizing damage to the forest and natural resources.

The Solar Power Conditioning Unit helps MPFD to protect the forest and wild animals in the forest.

Challenges Faced
Customization of the project to suit the requirements of the MPFD - The system had to be custom made in a number of ways.
  • The specification and the functional requirement were different from some of the existing systems in Su-Kam, so the company developed a new design. The mechanical requirements such as the IP21 protection were part of the specification.
  • The system design was required to be rugged as these systems were to be installed in the remote forest area.
The maintenance and servicing aspect of the system was also important as repairing this system on site was an issue. The PCU design was done keeping all these requirements in mind.

The remote monitoring of the system was one more critical requirement of the project, all the PCUs needed to be communicating to the central server application to give the details such as I/P, O/P voltage, current Power etc.

Along with this, the Solar PV voltage, current and the cumulative power generated needed to be recorded and communicated to the central application. Keeping this in mind, advance communication scheme was developed for the PCU to send all the required parameters along with the status of the system. The communication required information of alarms and alerts to the central server application based on the user setting.

The GSM channel was chosen by the MPFD as the communication channel between PCU and the central application software. Su-Kam developed its own remote monitoring system hardware to cater to the application requirements. The hardware had provision of using a GSM modem and SIM for communication was also designed.

Another critical challenge was the server based application that monitors all the distributed remote PCUs in the field. The application was developed to meet all the requirements of the specification. This software is capable of monitoring all the 784 systems (755 system of 1KAV and 29 Systems of 5KVA) on a single control panel on the computer screen.

The time schedule was another challenge for the project. The order needed to be completed in 10 to 12 weeks and that included complete electrical, electronics, mechanical development for PCU and remote monitoring unit. The completed software application was developed, tested and installed at the client site within the stipulated time by team Su-Kam.
Implementation & Maintenance
Su-Kam developed 1KVA 24V and 5KVA 96 V Solar Power Conditioning Units (PCU) for 755 (1kVA) and 29 (5KVA) sites of the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department (MPFD).

The complete design of the Solar Power Conditioning Unit took approximately three months and the remote monitoring system and the server side application software was developed alongside. The system was custom designed for the requirement specification; the communication system was developed to communicate with the PCU through the GSM channel with the help of the centralized server application.

The PCU’s are used by the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department (MPFD) to power their offices and chowkies and range offices in and around the forest. They are used to power up the offices and communication equipment to connect to the head office.

Su-Kam built these systems according to Conergy’s custom requirement for the application on a very tight time schedule.
The solar conditioning systems have advanced remote monitoring features to monitor the system at one central server in head office. The remote monitoring is used to check the status of the PCU’s working and the energy generation form the solar in the field and to take necessary action if any critical condition is observed. The status of all the 755 + 29 sites is available on the single software custom built for the project to incorporate the end user requirements.