Solar DC System 120

Solar DC System is a unique product that promises to give power to those areas which witness frequent power cuts and even at the places where no home has ever seen light due to the absence of power grids, this Solar DC System is now bringing a reason to smile. It is low in cost and high in performance making cheap and affordable solar power available for all.

What is Solar DC System?

The Su-kam Solar DC System is an innovative, environment-friendly, complete home lighting solar solution that has the power to remove darkness from millions of lives. A standard package can light up to one 12V 25W DC fan, two 3W LED along with USB mobile charger point. DC light, DC fan, DC TV and other DC appliances up to 120W can be run very easily with this system.

It Comes with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Controller:

The Solar DC System is fitted with an inbuilt 12V 10A MPPT Solar Charge Controller that charges the battery with the help of solar power from the panel.

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The MPPT controller is used to convert excess voltage into ampere. By converting this excess voltage into Amps, the charge voltage can be kept at an optimal level while the time required to charge the battery is also reduced.

That’s not all. MPPT can be a great advantage for the Solar DC System as it:

  • Delivers more solar power: Delivers 30% more solar power from solar panels compared to Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology.
  • Reduces cost: Reduces solar panel cost by 30%
  • More effective power generation: More effective solar energy generation, even during cloudy days

9 Reasons To Buy DC System:
  • The DC System Extracts Maximum Available Power: The inbuilt 12V 10A MPPT Solar Charge Controller operates the solar panel at maximum power point voltage which helps in proper utilisation of power. It doesn’t let the power generated get wasted and thus saves the electricity bills too.
  • Solar And Grid Charging Options Available: It includes 12V 10A grid charger that can charge the battery with grid power when available. As the nomenclature suggests, when solar is available the solar power pack in the Solar DC System automatically charges the battery through solar energy instead of grid charging. This is very crucial benefit for the areas with maximum power cuts or negligible electricity.
    Grid power is used only when the batteries are discharged below a certain threshold.
  • Overload And Short Circuit Protection: The Solar DC System provides intelligent overload and short circuit protection to the system. The system is automatically turned off so that it is kept unharmed and as soon as the circuit is repaired or the extra load is turned off, the system restarts to work as efficiently as ever. Isn’t it great?
  • Easy System Monitoring Through LCD and LED Display: The Solar Dc System comes with LCD and LED display that makes it easy for the user to monitor the system
    • The LCD displays parameters like PV voltage current, and battery and load parameters. It also shows fault and warning messages so that it gets easier for the user to comprehend the system.
    • The LED display gives indications of low battery, Mains Charging On and Solar Charging On.
  • Provision For Mobile Charging: This Solar DC System can charge mobile phones with the USB connecter that is provided in it. The mobile can be simply plugged in and charging will start by itself.
  • Designed For Easy Installation: Its compact and rugged design allows it to be kept either on a surface or to be hung on a wall for installation. This implies that the Solar DC System takes up a very little space and unlike the bulky inverters this one is handy and looks classy.
  • Low And High Battery Protection: Just like the overload and short circuit protection, the Solar DC System also provides protection from low battery and high battery conditions. This ensures that the system stays protected against all kinds of damages. Also, this increases the battery life considerably.
  • Easy Recyclability Of The Product: This is an electronic product so component failure might occur due to any reason. But that’s not a point of worry as in case of any component failure, the failed component can be easily removed and replaced to use the system again. You don’t have to buy a new inverter and thus it doesn’t cause a dent in your pocket.
  • Low Idle Current: The system draws only minimum current from the battery in case of battery low state or off mode.

Thus, it uses an intelligent technology and can be a very smart choice. Su-kam has always believed in personalising solutions for its customers and Solar DC System is just one step towards lighting up your lives.

More Than 1 lac Solar DC Systems Have Been Installed in India

Watch how Su-Kam's DC homelighting system has changed lives of more than 40,000 household in Uttar Pradesh. These houses have experienced electricity for the first time after DC systems were installed by team Su-Kam

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