High Frequency Battery Charger

Su-Kam’s highly innovative research team has come up with a new series of battery chargers. This light in weight multipurpose compact battery charger has been designed for usage over a wide range of applications. Su-Kam’s E- battery charger is compatible with gen-set as well as mains supply and is also suitable for standby as well as cyclic use. This battery charger has been released in two ratings 48V and 96V for your convenience.

Key Features
  • LCD DISPLAY FOR EASY MONITORING: Su-Kam’s E- Battery charger has been provided with in built user friendly LCD display that informs and updates the user about the current and voltage status and protection features of the charger giving it an edge over normal battery chargers. Along with an LCD the E- battery charger also has an charger ON/OFF switch, Current Selector switch and Boost Voltage selection switch on its front panel for assisting user operation.
  • Wide input range from 120V to 300V AC: Su-Kam’s High frequency SMPS based battery charger is compatible with a wide input voltage range starting from 120V upto a high 300V making it a suitable fix for areas where there is fluctuating input power. Unlike other battery chargers, Su-Kam’s battery charger will essentially detect and charge your battery at a low input power of 120V and at a high input power of 300V so you need not worry about your battery charging anymore at any type of input power!
  • Adjustable output current as per Battery Rating (2A,5A,7A&10A):This typically advanced battery charger has been inbuilt with an adjustable output current setting where in your battery charger will effectively charge your connected battery with a suitable output current. Thus enabling your battery to neither be uncharged nor overcharged which helps to maintain and prolong battery life.
  • Adjustable output boost voltage as per Battery Type(14V,14.5V 15V,16V): Su-Kam’s SMPS based battery charger has an advantageous feature of adjustable output boost voltage which essentially means that it will set a high voltage cut according to the battery connected due to which the battery charger will not charge your battery any further than the set boost voltage. This will enable the battery charger to protect your battery from getting overcharged. Adjustable output boost voltage increases your battery life and helps your battery to retain more charge!
Protection Features
  • Over Charging Protection
  • Automatic Constant Current/Constant Voltage Mode
  • Ripple Free DC Output
  • Parallel operation
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Resettable Battery for Fuse Protection
  • All types of car battery charging
  • Battery operated Forklift
  • Electrical vehicles
  • All golf car battery charging
  • Truck battery charging
  • Auto battery charging
  • E-Rickshaws
  • Tracktor
  • Generator battery charging
  • Emergency light
  • Sewing machine
  • Revival centers
  • Scrubber driver
  • Solar battery charging
  • Security system
  • Inverter/ups battery charging