Pico - 100 VA / 12 V

Pico is a revolutionary new 100 VA Digital Home UPS from Su-Kam. Its user-friendly interface makes it ideal for small home appliances like Laptops, CFLs, Mobile Chargers, Table Fans, and Radios etc. It is portable, light-weight, easily mountable and consumes less space due to its in-built battery feature. Pico is based on the latest & advanced Micro Controller based PWM technology using MOSFETs which facilitates optimal power usage.
Principle: Su-Kam HUPS are innovative two in one products which eliminate the need to have separate power backup systems for home equipment & computers.

Product Features
  • Peak Power Output 300%.
  • User Friendly LED Displayr
  • Very Fast Switch Over Time
  • In-built CFL Holder
  • In-built 7.2 Ah SMF Battery
  • Micro Controller Based PWM Technology using MOSFETs.
Electronic Protection
  • Battery reversal pole protection
  • Battery deep discharge & overcharge protection.
  • High surge load handling capability
  • Smart overload & short circuit protection with 8 times auto retry
  • Reverse current flow protection.
  • User Friendly LED display
  • Power Switch active indication
  • 3 LEDs display following states - operation mode, state of charge, fault message
  • Single operation master switch
  • Automatic circuit breaker recovery
Approvals & Certifications
  • Certified by ETDC & CE
  • Technology & Design Patent.
  • Copyrights & Trademark.
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Power Switch:  The power switch has to be ON while charging the battery or while using the UPS/Inverter system in the back-up mode
  • AC Fuse:  An AC fuse has been provided to counter overload
  • UPS/W-UPS Mode Switch:  A button enables users to switch from UPS mode (for sensitive appliances) to Wide UPS mode (for non-sensitive appliances)
  • Handle:  Sturdy, metallic handle for easy transportability
  • Easy-to-handle:  Lightweight, portable and effortlessly mountable in 3 different positions
  • Inbuilt Battery:  7.2 AH SMF in-built battery for power back-up
  • Output Socket:  Output socket with a 5 pin point plug has been provided to use the UPS/inverter system for different applications i.e. Mobile charging, CFLs, Laptop charging, Modem, Radio, Table Fan, Wire extension etc.
  • Holder:  User can plug-in a CFL into the holder and use it as an emergency light too.
  • Power Cable: Cable has been provided to charge the system anywhere anytime.
  • Patent/Trademark Information
    Trademark TM
    Design Registration No 13573
    Copyright © 2010 Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd.
    Technology Patent Patent Protected

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