Bharti Walmart

Su-Kam has developed a solution for the retail outlets working in India aimed at ensuring effective power management by using innovative powering methodology with remote energy monitoring. Such systems have been installed and are working satisfactorily at retail outlets across India.

The Need
The retail outlets across India have various types of load like lights, air-conditioners, computers and point-of-sale systems. Undefined power cuts and irregular voltage conditions lower the standard of the services offered at the outlets.
The Solution
Su-kam designed and developed a high capacity power back-up system to overcome this problem. The developed system can take multiple inputs from the grid and the genset. The complete load is distributed based on priorities. The inbuilt intelligent control unit manages the power based on load priority. This way, energy management takes place at each and every retail outlet. Also, the high back-up feature provides freedom from the diesel generator which runs 8-10 hours per day. This way, the retail inverter contributes to reduce the carbon dioxide emission. Remote monitoring and control provides performance monitoring and event alerts instantly.
How This Solution Is Unique
  • Small and compact size power house.
  • Priority based energy management.
  • Takes inputs from grid and diesel generator.
  • Remote monitoring and control.
The Benefits
  • Elimination of diesel generators.
  • Minimizes the OPEX of each retail outlet.
  • Contributes towards minimizing carbon dioxide emission.
  • Smoke and noise free environment at outlets.
  • Minimizing the space requirement as the inverters are compact in size.