About us

Su-Kam was founded in the year 1988 by Kunwer Sachdev , popularly referred to as the ‘Inverter man of India’. At present, Su-Kam is one of the leading power back up, generation & monitoring company in India with a wide array of best in class products, in-house R&D center , product innovations, highly efficient manufacturing units, widespread dealer, distributor & service network, robust exports, strong workforce, large project base, numerous awards & recognitions and a wide string of firsts to its credit.

In the coming years, Su-Kam which has forayed in the solar sector already is planning to make huge waves by its innovations and projects in the solar industry. The company is leaving no stones unturned in bringing the best minds together for developing newer solar technologies, products, monitoring software etc. to bring about a solar revolution that shall change the face of the solar industry forever!

The pioneer of Innovations about

At the time of Su-Kam’s inception, the power back up sector in India was completely unorganized. Su-Kam’s foray into the sector led to development of products with innovative technologies that were never seen before in the country. These developments changed the face of the industry altogether and developed the markets for other players to follow suit. Some of the innovations from Su-Kam that changed the industry are - India’s first ‘ Sine Wave Inverter’ that eliminated the irritating humming sound and ensured high quality power output, India’s first ‘MOSFET based Inverter’ and India’s first ever ‘Home UPS’ that combined the functions of an inverter and UPS and eliminated the use of two systems. Su-Kam was also the brains behind developing India’s first ever ‘High Capacity UPS’ that could run ACs, refrigerators and other heavy load equipment’s. It was also the first company to develop India’s first ‘Plastic Body Inverters’; the product ‘Chick’ being adjudged as one of the top innovations of the decade!.

Changing the existing paradigm:
Advancing rapidly in the field of Solar

Today, Su-Kam is a dominant force in the power back up energy sector in India. It started with manufacturing inverters which changed the age old paradigm and converted the inverter industry into a highly technically advanced sector.


Over the years, Su-Kam has constantly developed products through innovation and advanced technology. The company has now forayed into the solar sector. In this sector as well, Su-Kam has introduced highly useful and value-for-money products for the common man and executed large projects for commercial and industrial applications, thereby reducing the customers’ hefty renewable energy bill expenses and contributing in the process in reducing their carbon footprint.

solar home lighting system Due to Su-Kam’s innovation in the field of solar, a common user can convert his existing inverter into a solar inverter by using Su-Kam’s solar mate product. He can light up his home in remote locations and villages through Su-Kam’s solar home lighting system. He can shift to solar inverters through Su-Kam’s Brainy, Solar PCUs, Charge controllers, and monitor and track the solar output of his appliance through the remote monitoring software and umpteen number of other Su-Kam solar applications.